The Illustrated Guide To
Screen Printing
1. Artwork

Your artwork is created on the computer. Each individual color is separated into a black image and is then printed on its own transparent film.

2. Coating

A special coating goes on a fine mesh screen and left to air dry in a dark room. The coating is not completely dry until exposed to a UV light.

3. Light Exposure

Each film is taped to a screen. The screen is put on a light table with the film between the coating and the light. The image on the film blocks any light from hitting the coating in the image area.


4. Wash Out

Once the screen is done in the light table it is then taken to an area where the unexposed coating under the image gets washed away with water, which then creates a stencil of your artwork.

5. Press Setup

Each screen is taped around the edges and then clamped to our press and carefully set into place so each color perfectly lines up with each other.

6. Printing

Shirts are placed over the boards and held in place using a spray adhesive. The ink is then placed on each screen. A squeegee is then used to push the ink through the stencil onto the shirt. A flash dryer is used to dry the ink in between each color so your print does not get smudged.

7. Curing

Once all the colors are printed, the shirt is put onto a dryer with a conveyor belt which cures the ink at 350 degrees to insure a long last print. At this point it is ready for you to wear!

8. Preparing for a new order

    Once the order is complete we remove the screens. Then, spray a solution on the special coating that causes it to disolve. The screen is then pressure washed clean and dried. We reuse the screen to start the process over again for your next order.